Cerisse Palalagi

Cerisse Palalagi, an artist straight outta South Auckland, Onehunga proud, is of Niuean and Maori descent. She primarily works with print, painting and drawing and her works are usually a reflection of her background, her identity, her surroundings. An example of this is some of her works shown above. I retrived these images from her Facebook aritst page https://www.facebook.com/ceez.up. These works were part of her exhibiton titled ‘#SWDDT”, showcasing “polyslang”, words that we use in everyday conversations with friends and family. The aim of these works is to raise awareness around language, how it has changed over the years, “shift and loss”, a creation of a hybrid language, and emphasizing culture and lifestyle.

In these works she explores the use of text and image, something that I’m using myself in my current works. She uses slang and phrases that we, as South Aucklanders, hear on a day to day basis. What I enjoy about Cerisse’s works is that their relatable, being a South Aucklander these are words that I hear everyday and use myself also. I also enjoy the fact that she embraces both her Niuean and Maori heritage in some of her works, one of which including ‘Alofa x3’ (2008), which was part of the Flat White, Black Pearl exhibition.

She is also an active Instagram follower and sometimes uses this social network as a platform for her works. This was an idea that was suggested to me by my fellow classmates, to perhaps use Instagram as a platform to develop my works further and possibly get a good following system going.


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